Alternative Health Plans

Remember…alternative plans ARE NOT a good do-it-yourself project!

We have many, many alternatives to the Affordable Care Act but there is no link that will allow us to quote them other than one plan at a time.

Please call and we will discuss your needs, then find the one that will fit you perfectly. 615-646-4057

National Association Plans– There are some organizations that allow you to become a member and then you can join their member benefit program. Some are good, and some aren’t. Please call and we will help you determine if one of these may be the solutions to the high rates you may pay now.

Health Sharing Plans –  These are much lower in price but have some limitations and waiting periods on pre-existing conditions. This is an excellent alternative to the high prices of the options in #1. Call me and we can talk about what this might mean in your case. I have some pre-existing but it will cost me $300 a year to cover that myself, yet I am saving $7,000 a year in premium. Great trade off! I have studied the options and chose the three I felt best about.

These plans are very similar. Very low price, $35 Dr visits, Lower deductibles, etc. I would be happy to discuss them with you and help you decide.  Most use the same huge network at that has 18 hospitals in Nashville alone, and over 700,000 doctors nationwide. Your doctor has probably been taking PHCS for 20 years or more. Many insurance companies use this network.

Other types of plans that have lower costs can be found as well. I can help you with the math that affects this decision. These do not cover pre-existing conditions. There are many out there but I have researched to find the ones that offer low price with the least amount of risk. Call me to discuss these. There is no charge for my services so you may as well use me.

  • Short Term Medical is full medical insurance but bought in short terms up to a full year at a time. Very low in cost and meant to cover large unexpected bills.
  • Limited Benefit Plans look a good deal like regular insurance in every day use and are good for most situations. No Deductibles. There are times when in some types of large claims you could have extra bills, but they offer a lot of coverage for a low cost.
  • MISCELLANEOUS PLANSCancer, Accident, Dental, etc

Alternatives to Affordable Care Act Plans

Rates are so high now that many people will have no choice but to turn to alternative plans. Fortunately, there are some excellent ones. Sadly, there are also some terrible ones out there so it is best to have a competent guide into this. I have seen plans proliferating that will leave many families bankrupt even though they had been paying premiums. Please let us help you find the right one.

IMPORTANT!! None of the alternative plans cover pre-existing conditions. If a family member has serious health issues we may need to split the family into separate plans. Those who are in good health can save a fortune on these types of plans. The one who needs an Affordable Care Act plan will pay more but have the protection they need. These options are best for people who are in mostly good health. The prices are often 70% lower, or more, than ACA plans.

Plans that are permanent solutions
These are membership organizations that allow like-minded people to contribute funds to help each other pay medical expenses. This is the historical essence of all insurance but we can not call these plans insurance. They are not regulated as insurance companies are. This allows them to restrict the membership to those who agree to their standards. There are 30 such organizations and I have chosen the ones that offered the most comprehensive plans. A few have limitations that worried me but they are more similar than not. There are some differences in these that I will be happy to explain.

These plans require an application with health questions, and they can decline you, or put limitations on your plan if there is a condition they choose not cover. For myself, I will pay about $300 a year for my own care of my pre-existing condition, but this a good thing since I will save $7,000 a year in premiums. It isn’t scary when you know your risks. Call us at 615-646-4057 and let’s go over the options.

Alternative Plans 
One of these plans might be a good a fit. The prices are very low and the coverage very good in most cases:  Short Term Medical | Indemnity Plans | Limited Benefit Plans
Some are excellent and written by very reputable companies. I have seen some out there that are unbelievably bad. It is best to call us so we can help you choose wisely – 615-646-4057.